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Branch vase dinosaur designs 


Dinosaur Designs was established in 1985 by the esteemed Australian artists Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy, and Liane Rossler.   Originally a local market vendor of artisanal jewellery, this business has evolved into an internationally recognised brand renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. 

The crew found inspiration in the stunning landscapes of Australia, the captivating hues of the ocean, and the distinctive patterns found in nature.   They were motivated by their distinct artistic perspective to experiment with resin, pushing its boundaries and redefining its capabilities. 

Dinosaur Designs is renowned for its vivid hues and naturalistic forms that reflect the magnificence of the natural world.   Skilled craftsmen meticulously create each item in their Sydney workshop, imbuing it with a distinctive flair. 

Dinosaur Designs explores artistic frontiers while upholding tradition, engaging in partnerships with Louis Vuitton and Manolo Blahnik.   Furthermore, they distinguish themselves in the eco-conscious industry by their use of sustainable practices. 

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of the Branch Vase, an iconic creation that has become synonymous with aesthetic allure and artistic ingenuity!

What Inspired the Branch Vase

Artists and designers have always drawn inspiration from nature. Its beauty, complexity, and sensory appeal are unmatched. Nature inspires Dinosaur Designs, a renowned Australian design studio, to create stunning products.

Inspiration is the same for the Branch Vase. Dinosaur Designs was inspired by tree and branch forms. They sought to capture nature’s grace and turn it into an elegant sculpture that would add beauty to any environment.

This exquisite vase was inspired by tree branch curves and features. The designers carefully observed how these natural elements intermingled and how their designs flowed together.

Based on this discovery, they carefully built each vase branch. The carved artwork resembles nature’s delicate movement.

This vase is unique in both appearance and function. Its several apertures let you arrange flowers or foliage in different ways, allowing your creativity shine and adding natural charm to your home decor.

The Branch Vase allows you to create gorgeous floral arrangements that will brighten any area with vivid blooms or basic greenery.

This stunning piece is easy to decorate with. Showcase it as a centrepiece on your dining table or as an accent piece on a mantel or shelf for special occasions. It will make a statement.

Dinosaur Designs’ Branch Vase honours Mother Nature and is useful art. It harmoniously blends design and function while offering nature-inspired tranquilly. Due to its unusual design and versatility, the Branch Vase

The Branch Vase Making Process

Dinosaur Designs’ Branch Vase method is a fascinating mix of creativity, craftsmanship, and nature-inspired design. The designers start with the beauty of branches in nature’s settings.

Once the idea is formed, professional artisans carefully handcraft each vase utilising unique materials. To replicate genuine branches, designers choose high-quality resin and other organic materials. Experts mould and sculpt these materials to imitate nature.

This painstaking process considers every detail, including the subtle flaws that give each vase its own character as well as variations in texture and colour. Because of this laborious procedure, every vase is distinct.

After shaping and moulding, every Branch Vase is subjected to a thorough curing process that maintains its organic appearance and strengthens its structure. Expert craftsmen utilise sanding and polishing to create a smooth surface that enhances beauty and functionality.

Before being released, every Branch Vase is put through a rigorous quality check. This ensures that Dinosaur Designs’ exacting requirements for strength and style are satisfied, allowing customers to savour their exquisite items for many years to come.

A Branch Vase needs meticulous craftsmanship and artistic vision to create. With careful material selection, artisan moulding, curing, finishing touches, and quality control checks, designs inspired by nature are brought to life to create gorgeous vases that look great in any setting!

Branch Vase Variations and Uses

The dinosaur designs branch vase  can be utilised in many ways to decorate your house. This nature-inspired vase adds elegance and sophistication to any space.

The huge branch vase is a popular centrepiece for dining tables and mantels. Tall branches display fresh flowers or dried arrangements, adding colour and liveliness to any room.

Branch vases come in medium and small sizes. These brighten up side tables and shelves without overpowering the space.

The branch vase can also be a single art piece. Its sculptural design can be placed alone or with other Dinosaur Designs items to create an interesting visual combination.

Mixing and matching branch vases of different sizes lets you try different colours and textures. This lets you experiment with heights and combinations to create a personalised display.

The Dinosaur Designs branch vase adds beauty and charm to any environment, whether you use it as a flower container or an art piece. Its organic structure invites nature within and its brilliant colours add flare to your home decor.

So go creative! Discover how this gorgeous branch vase can turn your living spaces into pieces of beauty by exploring its many modifications and uses.

Decorating with the Branch Vase

This gorgeous piece can be added to your home decor once we’ve discussed the dinosaur designs branch vase  history, inspiration, construction process, varieties, and uses.

1. Highlight it: Display the Branch Vase on a mantel or console table to showcase its unusual design. Fill it with fresh flowers or branches that match your style.

2. Make a centrepiece: Arrange Branch Vases of various sizes and heights to make a striking dining or coffee table centrepiece. Mix colours and textures to generate visual impact.

3. Combine with other decor: The Branch Vase’s organic shape complements wood, stone, and woven textiles. For a coordinated look, place it next to a rustic wooden sculpture or seashells.

4. As bookends: The Branch Vase’s robust base holds books on shelves and side tables. Add elegance by displaying it with your favourite books.

5. Display indoor plants: Use the vase’s branch-like structure to house succulents or air plants. This brings foliage and liveliness to any area while looking trendy.

6. Mix and match shapes and colours: Use the Branch Vase and other Dinosaur Designs vase shapes to create an amazing display.

Remember that personal style is vital when adding ornamental items to your home decor—get creative! There are many ways to display this flexible piece in your own environment, whether you want minimalism, maximalism, vintage charm, or modern sophistication.

Dinosaur Designs Branch Vase adds nature-inspired beauty to your house and matches numerous design types as functional art. With its long history, exquisite craftsmanship, and enduring appeal.

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