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Guide to Sustainable Materials for Phone Cases


People are more aware of the impact of their spending choices nowadays and many of their spending decisions are based on this. Sustainability is a concept that many brands have adopted because of the environmental crisis we are facing at the moment. And many people are also more inclined at shopping at a company that has a sustainable ethos.

In this article,

We are looking at how sustainability can be taken into consideration when selecting phone cases. People generally go through several phone cases for the same phone and most of the time, they don’t think about what the continuous replacement of cases means for the environment. There is a lot of plastic that is added to landfills as a result but there are some things you can do to be more environmentally conscious. You need to think about the material the phone case is made of so that you can consider whether you can safely discard it.

For example, there are phone cases that come with biodegradable plastic which is made from renewable resources. You will be able to have the phone case decompose naturally in the environment without being the burden that plastic has become. This is a material that is quite durable and it also has a look and feel that you are already used to so you will not be making a big switch from what you are used to.

There are also sustainable natural materials like bamboo and wood

Bamboo is a sustainable material that can be used to make phone cases that are lightweight and durable. As an added plus, bamboo is a material that has natural anti-bacterial properties so it can be very useful in a phone case. Another lightweight natural material you will come across is cork and this is harvested from the bark of cork trees.

These also have natural shock absorbing properties giving a measure of protection to the phone case. Other plant based materials you will come across are renewable and biodegradable phone cases made from wheat straw and flax. These are combined with other materials such as biodegradable plastic to create a durable phone case. You can look into recyclable phone cases as well. This allows you to dispose of old phone cases without worrying that they will end up in a landfill.

Plastic is a common material used for phone cases

But the eco-friendly option is recycled plastic. There already is an amount of plastic that we are using and it is kept away from the environment because we tend to use it still. And that is the concept behind recycled plastic as well. Consumer waste can be used to create something useful by melting them down and moulding the resulting material into phone cases. And this will have an impact on reducing the generation of more waste.

When selecting a phone case, instead of looking at the marketing, try to see if there are labels and certifications that specify the materials used in the product. And in addition to the material used, it is also important to consider if eco-friendly practices are used in the manufacturing process of the cases.

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