How to Achieve a Sporty Chic Look Effortlessly


Sporty chic look has been popularized by a lot of celebrities and they definitely look great in it no matter how simple the pieces are. However, a lot of women still think twice about joining the trend since an outfit ensemble may look good on a certain celebrity but turns sloppy when worn by common people.

This doesn’t mean that sporty chic fashion can only be worn by celebrities. You could rock this style too when you have the right pieces and some ideas on how to put together a sporty chic vibe. Read along and learn more about this style.

Wear Joggers outside the Gym

Joggers are commonly worn in the gym and is one of the basic pieces in sporty fashion. However, not everyone dares to wear their joggers outside the gym since it might look lazy and not chic. Picking the right fit and cut is essential in choosing joggers.

To avoid a sloppy look, choose joggers that have a snug fit on the legs, cropped and fits tight around the ankles. This type looks good with any athletic footwear and you could wear almost any sporty top with it. Aside from neutrals, you can add more fun into your sporty outfit by collecting jogger pants in different colours.

Wear Sweatshirts with Style

When worn the right way, sweatshirts are actually chic and flattering, perfect to add into your sporty chic outfit ensemble. On cold days, you could stay warm yet stylish wherever you go with the right sweatshirt. Choose a form-fitting one so it still accentuates your figure and pair it with joggers or tight leggings for a stylish sporty outfit. You could also opt for cropped sweatshirts if you’re aiming for a sexy yet sporty look.

Style a Jersey

Nothing could show off your sporty side more than a jersey. Cropped jerseys are a popular trend these days and you could pair them with jeans or athleisure leggings for a casual, sporty look. On the other hand, you could wear an oversized jersey as a mini dress and pair it with classic sneakers for a bold and daring style.

Leggings are Your Best Friend

Leggings are versatile yet comfortable making it a perfect basic piece for your sporty outfit. You can wear almost any sporty top with leggings – from sweatshirts, jerseys, and many more. Plain black leggings are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe since it can be worn to achieve different outfit styles. However, you could also be bold and wear coloured or patterned leggings with plain tops. When choosing a footwear that suits your leggings well, full length leggings look great with high-top sneakers while cropped leggings are perfect with low-tops.

Whether you’re sporty or not, you could always wear a sporty chic outfit whenever you want. With those essential sporty pieces and some outfit inspiration, you could start creating your own sporty chic outfit ensembles that look perfect whether you’re just going out for some errands or meeting up with people.

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