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A Newbie’s Guide to Sewing Clothes


Sewing is considered as a satisfying hobby to learn. With this craft, you could create so many useful items – from home décor, bags, clothing, and many more. For newbies, practicing on home décor items is the best option since these projects are relatively easy to achieve plus, they don’t require much measuring unlike when sewing clothes. However, it would be boring to stick just on sewing decorative home accessories.

If you’re looking for more challenge then you could jump into practicing sewing clothes. Sewing clothes are a lot tricky and requires more accuracy when it comes to measurements to ensure that it would fit the wearer perfectly. Here are some tips that would help you out as you start practicing sewing clothes.

Choose a Beginner’s Sewing Pattern

Practicing sewing has never been so convenient, thanks to so many sewing patterns readily available online. A sewing pattern is an envelope that contains all the details needed to achieve a certain sewing project perfectly.

It has all the information regarding the fabric, measurements, sizing, descriptions, and all the other essential details you’ll need. Simply choose a sewing pattern that is meant for beginners and start your very first clothing project. You could conveniently shop long skirt patterns, simple dresses, tops, and other easy clothing patterns for newbies.

Choose the Right Fabric

Not all fabrics are easy to handle. Some fabrics can be difficult to handle especially for beginners. When practicing your sewing skills, it is also important to choose a fabric that is meant for newbies as well. Some of the best easy-to-work with fabrics are cotton, plain and knit fabrics. They are not slippery and don’t fray that easily as well, making them less tricky to handle while sewing. Beginner sewing patterns suggest fabrics that are also easy to handle, making it perfect for newbies who are still practicing their sewing skills.

Obtain the Essential Tools

Before you start practicing to sew, it is important to have all the essential tools first to get started with the craft. You’ll need several tools and supplies to start sewing clothes – a tape measure, yard stick, seam gauge, dressmaking shears, scissors, chalk pencil, tracing pattern, pins, pincushion, sewing machine, sewing needles, threads, an iron, and ironing board. It may sound like a lot but all those tools are needed to do your craft properly and hassle-free.

Practice a Lot

Sewing clothes requires a lot of control and smoother lines and curves. Before sewing the actual fabric, it is best to do some practice stitches on a spare fabric first to get the hang of it. That way, you won’t be ruining the actual fabric by committing some mistakes especially when you’re still unsure on how to do certain stitches on that project. The more you practice, the better you’ll be in sewing clothes and you could gradually proceed to more complex sewing projects.

Sewing clothes isn’t that easy. However, with time and lots of practice, you could start making any clothes that you want as time goes by.

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