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How to Choose the Right Hair Care Products for Your Hair Type?


There are so many varieties of shampoo and conditioner available on the market that it can be quite overwhelming when you need to make a choice. However, when you read the label of the product, you will see that it is recommended for a specific type of hair which can be very helpful. But first of all, you need to know your hair type is so you can choose the products that are formulated for that.

To understand the type of hair you have, you have to check the diameter of a hair strand which will tell you how thick each strand is. This will help you understand whether you have thick, medium or thin hair. A good way of identifying thickness is by comparing a strand of your hair to a sewing thread. Hair that is thinner than the thread can be considered thin hair and vice versa. Fine hair can be prone to more damage. When choosing products, you will need to look for terms such as weightless, light, volume and fine on the product label.

Some ingredients that are good for thin hair are proteins, cellulose and polymers that promote strength in hair. To achieve volume, you can look for volume powders, sprays and foams in O&M hair products. If you have medium hair, you will not need any specialized product. If you have straight hair, you may not need a lot of special care either.  You can look for products that are formulated for normal hair. You can also use a hair mask for some pampering.

If you have thick hair, you may be more prone to frizzy hair and it can also be hard to manage. You can use moisturizing products to prevent frizz. Look for products that have shea butter and cocoa as these ingredients have a high percentage of fatty acids. You will also be able to use hair oils to reduce frizz and give a shine to your hair. If you have curly hair, you have to focus on products that provide nutrition and hydration. Anti-frizz and smoothing products will also be useful. Different types of hair will absorb product differently. The ability to absorb product or moisture is called porosity. You can check if your hair has high porosity by placing a strand of hair in a bowl of water and checking if it sinks to the bottom. If your hair floats on top, it is low in porosity.

A hair strand floating in the middle will have normal porosity. For high porous hair, you need to look for products that give a lot of moisture and nutrition. Regenerating hair masks and hair oils are great for such hair. For low porosity, go for products that are lightweight and specialized for fine hair.

You need to have a healthy scalp for healthy hair. So you have to choose products that will be good for the condition of your scalp as well. To understand whether your scalp is oily or dry, you need to wash your hair and air dry it without using any products. The next day, press on your scalp gently with a tissue. If you notice any oily residue, this indicates that you have an oily scalp. If you have a dry scalp, you might also suffer from dry hair. You need to look for hydrating products.

You can also try a moisturizing mask once a week. Try to avoid using heat on the hair when styling as it can aggravate the issue. If your scalp is oily, it is best to wash your hair daily. Look for hair products that are formulated for oily scalp and hair. You should stay away from moisturizing products.

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