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Reasons to Wear Linen Clothing


Linen fabric has been used for a long time and historically it was a fabric that was chosen for its durability. Linen clothing has come a long way from its humble beginnings and its style has adapted over the years.

You can find linen clothing around the world as it is a very comfortable fabric against the skin. This fabric is very absorbent and it is breathable. Therefore, it is an ideal fabric to wear in hot and humid conditions. This fabric can absorb a lot of moisture before the wetness of the fabric becomes visible. You can see a lot of linen clothing worn in the tropics for this reason. Flowing linen clothes can create a light and airy outfit on a summer day keeping you comfortable throughout. But this doesn’t mean it is not adaptable to colder months. When the temperatures fall, you can layer up and linen can be one such layer that keeps you warm.

Because moisture is not allowed to sit on your skin due to the breathability and moisture wicking properties of linen, you will not feel uncomfortable even in the midday heat. You can keep cool in hot temperatures. And linen clothing will not look lived-in or worn out at the end of the day. For example, if you had been wearing a pair of linen shorts since the beginning of the day, it will still look fresh and crisp at the end of the day because there will not be any sweat stains or wetness on the fabric. A common complaint in hot climates is the formation of sweat patches on your clothing that can be unsightly. But you don’t need to worry about this with linen clothing.

Linen is also a very sustainable fabric. The fibres that constitute the fabric come from the flax plant. This plant can thrive in unfavourable conditions with little water and no fertilisers. Therefore, it doesn’t tax the environment. The process of producing linen also required less water when compared to cotton and the process is more eco-friendly. And the wonderful thing about linen is that it is biodegradable and therefore will not tax the environment even if it is discarded. Linen is made from natural fibre and it is very strong and robust. It is actually a stronger fibre than cotton.

This strength is imparted to linen clothing as a result of the flax fibres that make up the fabric.  While cotton clothing can fade and become worn after a few years, you will not see the same with linen clothing. They will still look good even after a decade of wear. It can handle machine washing and therefore is a low maintenance fabric. But you need to take some care in its washing if you want the fabric to last a long time. You can truly consider linen clothing to be an investment because of its longevity.

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