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How to Start a Vinyl Collection?


Vinyl records have become more popular in recent years despite the digitization of music. There are many artists that have turned to release their music on vinyl records. There are also many music fans who believe that the sound of traditional vinyl records is superior to other options. It is also a more engaging experience. You are able to touch and feel the record when you place it on the turntable. There is a manual element to it that firmly keeps you in the present.

Before everything, you will need to purchase a turntable or a record player. Because of the popularity of vinyl records, you will be able to find this at most of the major retailers. You can also find it online where you will be able to check for deals and offers. There is a range of prices when it comes to turntables. If you are looking for more audio perfection, you can visit a speciality stereo shop. There are also things that you can add in such as speakers and equalisers. There are vintage turntables that you can buy online but you are limited in gauging the quality because you will not be able to hear it being played.

Prior to the digitization of music, people gathered together to find and purchase vinyl records. There were record shops that you can visit to find your favourite albums and you were able to meet other likeminded people and discuss your passion for vinyl. You can search online for a record store that is closer to where you live. It will take some time to find a store that is reliable and sells genuine products. There are online stores as well but make sure that you check for reviews and their reputation. While you can buy used records whether through flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops etc. you need to be careful that the record is not scratched or damaged affecting its quality. Check with the store whether they receive regular shipments so that you will be able to special order some of the vinyl that is hard to find.       

Safe storage of vinyl records is very important. When there is dust or dirt deposited on the record, it can damage it and the record can be unusable after some time. Therefore, if you are serious about becoming a collector, it is best to invest in a proper record storage unit. You can start with shelves. Make sure that you don’t store them face down. It is best if they can be kept in a climate-controlled area because extreme changes in temperature and humidity can damage them as well.

You can search for antistatic shelves to store your records. Also, you will need to clean the records before you play them. The sound of the record can get distorted when there is dust on the vinyl grooves. There are tools such as carbon fiber brushes that you can invest in to brush the surface of the record before you play. If you are wiping with a dry cloth, you need to make sure that you are wiping in a circular direction.

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